Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend highlights ...

• Ended up working both Saturday and Sunday to cover shifts ... I need to hire freelancers soon ... good news is I have a reliable one willing to come back, a college student with promise, and three other applicants. Hope to get that squared away this week.

• Did manage to get in a round of golf on a gorgeous day. Hard to beat that.

• My Huskers won ... always good. They do have USC this week though ... gonna be a tough game. I have faith though! LOL

• The Bears won in a blowout, thanks in large part to their trademark stifling defense and excellent special teams.

• Lost my first fantasy football league game ... thanks, Shaun Alexander, for only registering 1.5 points for me. What sucks is the guy I played is the only one that could have beat me, even with Alexander's poor performance and one of my receivers sitting out Week 1. What sucks even more is I was scheduled to play someone else, but because one of the guys dropped out of the league at the last minute, we had to scramble to find someone else and create a new league place, which shook up the schedule. I smell conspiracy!

• The boss comes back in the morning after a week on the mainland for conferences. Sure to be some changes coming; can't wait to find out what ... though the big stuff will come after some October meetings. Urg.

• I really like Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN2. If I move stateside, odds are I'll miss it entirely ... it's on in my evening now. Don't think I'll be up at 5 a.m. to catch it over there. LOL

• Nice paycheck come Friday -- working a full day on Labor Day will mean extra cash. Plus I have a reimbursement check coming. I'll pay off a couple bills early, put some into THE FUND, and perhaps treat myself to something nice.

• Time to start getting ready for Christmas, like My Favorite Person. As Jingle George, I probably should have written something up already for the newspaper. Will have to put that on my "to do" list ... which is long for work. Urg. Also time to start planning and purchasing gifts for those on my list. It really is easier to buy a couple things here and there a few months out. By the time December rolls around, I'll only have to do some finishing shopping. Heh. Feel the pressure .... especially you, terry! LOL

I will also need to go through my extensive wrapping supplies to see what I need. I know there are a few colors of ribbon and bows that I'm short on, as well as the little trinkets I like to use as wrapping extras -- little ornaments, stickers, etc.

OK ... back to getting a few little chores out of the way ... and if I feel industrious, maybe a few of the bigger ones ...

... yeah ... right ... LOL

Oh yeah ... if you haven't been around here since Friday, scroll down after this post ... there's a bunch of stuff you missed!!


ArtfulDodger said...

No way! I've never been first before... so much pressure to set the precedent for the entire discussion. Er, uh, hey that all sounds great Dman! Ah man, that sucked.

Natalia said...

Hire me...hire me... And damn that picture just puts me in the Santa mood :)


Kristen said...

*searches for my Santa outfit*

JMai said...

Love the Christmas Dzer... we were just talking about Christmas yesterday. I love Christmas, but I love it less in Florida than I used to love it in NY. Does that make sense?

And PB&J rocks, but I prefer it on wheat bread. I think I will surprise Chulo and make that for dinner. HA.

terry, queen dork said...

la la la, can't hear you, or the christmas music...!!!


end of rant. *sigh.

your honor said...

very nice hat.i like it.maybe you should wear it year around,looks very nice on you