Thursday, September 14, 2006

ugh ...

I just got done doing a boatload of laundry and, because of my natural phlegmatic tendenices, still have a boatload I will need to do over the course of my three vacation days next week.

Other planned activities during break time:
• Getting truck vacuumed, washed, cleaned out, re-registered ... and possibly professionally detailed.

• Finally get the yard sale shit put together, including the classified ad.

• Choose a new avatar for the blogs.

• Get some more posts up on my poetry/writing blog.

• Get some more photos up on my photoblog.

• Clean up the bedroom.

• Solve world hunger.

• Clean up the living room.

• Take the old computer monitors down to the recycling place.

• Publish my proof that Pythagorus was wrong.

• Totally clean out the fridge.

• Play at least one round of golf.

• Finally reveal my nefarious plans for global domination to the world's governments.

• Sort and store my photographs.

• Watch some DVDs.

• Clean up my desk at home so it matches the order of my desk at work.

• Talk dirty on the phone to SOME woman.
Any bets on how much of this junk I actually get done?

The first Chamorro to be appointed as governor was Manuel Guerrero ... and it only took about 63 years of American rule for it to happen.

Oh ... and if you haven't been here in a little while ... new post about Guam's first Major League Baseball player ... and my HNT ...


Madame X said...

What poetry/writing blog?
Did I miss something?

If you leave laundry in the hamper long enough sometimes...they become clean!

ArtfulDodger said...

Stick to stuff you can actually accomplish, like the world hunger thing for example. no sense in working too hard, it is the weekend.

Natalia said...

Let me know how the solving world hunger thing goes. And, dude, if I wasn't coupled, I would SO talk dirty on the phone with you :)


DZER said...

madame x: I guess you DID miss something ... LOL ... and I tried that with the laundry; didn't work.

dodger: here's my cure for world hunger ... feeding the hungry people food! brilliant, no?

natalia: will do ... and no fair teasing!

crabcake said...

Since you're making a list, would you add, grout Crabby's tile while she plays on the net?

I make lists all the time. So I have a pretty good idea how much of that is gonna get done. LMAO!

Spitfire said...

I just started making lists...starting a cult is still staring at me.

so are the fucking dishes.


Chrissie said...

HEY you werent supposed to leak the world domination until 07! Are you partnering up with someone else??

I'm betting 7 out of 17 will get done :)

SignGurl said...

*laughing* prove Pythagorus wrong.

Call me. I could use some dirty talk, but it better not be about your floors, lol.

JMai said...

Laundry. Never. Ends. I feel like I should buy stock in procter & gamble for all the laundry soap I use. And the febreeze-scented Bounce, they make that too, right?

Isn't Pythagorus the hypotenuse guy? Dude, I musta done 791 of those problems in 9th grade math and I'm pretty sure he was spot-on!

DZER said...

crabcake: sorry darlin' ... this is a personal list LOL

spitfire: you need an enigmatic and charming fellow cult leader? ;)

chrissie: I just moved the timetable up, baby ... and you think a whole 7? LOL

signgurl: I thought you liked dirt!

jmai: laundry sucks ass ... and hypoteneuse, schmypoteneuse!!

terry, queen dork said...

fucking laundry. HATE IT.

dz? do more fun things during your time off. you deserve it.

DZER said...

terry ... I will see what I can do ... and I miss commenting on your blog, but beta won't let me through!!